Shipping & Financing FAQ

Shipping FAQs

Turnaround Time -
Question: How long will your business take to prepare order for delivery?
Answer:10-15 business days.


Question: What does the shopper do if they have questions to make changes during this time?
Answer: Email


Shipping information -
Question: What shipping methods are available? 
Answer: USPS Priority Mail


Question: How long will each available shipping method take?
Answer: 2 - 5 business days depending on where you are in the country.


Question: Tracking information be included?
Answer: Tracking information will be emailed to you when your package ships.


Question: Are shipments insured?
Answer: All shipments are insured by USPS


Financing FAQs

How does it work - Just like most financing companies, this payment option will give you the autonomy to split up your total payment into 4 weekly payments. How do I know if I qualify? Everyone qualifies. The only parameter that would disqualify you is if you have not made good on a previous payment plan. When will my product ship? Your product will ship in the 5 to 12 business day time frame. How do I pay my weekly payments? When you to your payment plan one of the parameters, is that you will save your credit card information on file.
On the agreed-upon date (same day the next week) your card will be charged. You will receive email confirmation of this. How many payments will it be total? 4 What happens if  I don't pay? If for whatever reason, your card is not able to be charged. A total of two more attempts will be made to collect. After which,
your  plan will be cancelled. You will not be able to purchase for me anymore What if I have questions while I'm waiting for my products to be shipped? Any and all questions are emphatically welcomed at Once I complete my Payment plan, could I start another one? Absolutely ! As long as there were no issues with the original agreement, you can use this checkout option as often as you like.

If this sounds like the perfect option for you, just choose "Dope Pay" at checkout!

*Dope Pay cannot be used with coupon codes or discounts*


Returns and exchanges -
There are no returns and exchanges.